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We are a team of Black, Asian, and White educators who came together because of our work at the intersection of equity + design + education. At the beginning of 2020, this campaign began with the goal of running design sprints to help schools focus more clearly on equity. When COVID-19 moved everyone into quarantine, we shifted our attention to trying to connect people who might be struggling outside of the known spaces in our lives. We landed where we are now, focused on community-based reparations and micro-reparations after the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd renewed the intensity of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

This campaign began with the four of us but it was never just the four of us. We acknowledge the love and learning shared with us by so many people across the country en route to this moment. We hope to grow this necessary and hopeful project with the help and support of many more people in the days to come.

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Until recently, Tiffanie Harrison taught business, entrepreneurship, and marketing to high school students in Texas. Her life is centered on justice, mercy, and racial equity  through the lens of creativity and human engagement. Outside of school, Tiffanie helps organize political campaigns and anti-racist actions in her local community. She earned her MBA from Baylor University with concentrations in Finance & Marketing.


​Paula Mitchell is an elementary school teacher on special assignment for maker-centered learning in Oakland, California. Her work is focused on culturally responsive making and authentic inclusion for students in underserved and underrepresented communities. In addition to her work in schools, Paula serves as the Fellowship Director for Agency by Design Oakland which promotes student agency by working at the intersection of teacher leadership, inquiry-based professional development, and maker-centered learning. 
Rachel Siegel is an educator who creates joyful experiences and connection in communities large and small. As a licensed school counselor, she has worked in secondary schools in Northeast Ohio and South America. Rachel is currently managing school redesign efforts with local educators in the Cleveland areas with the goal of adding curricular focua to equity and creativity.

During his career, Paul Kim has taught everything from kindergarten to college, receiving both teaching and coaching honors along the way. He has also worked on equity and diversity initiatives in local and national contexts. Outside of the classroom, Paul co-founded a children’s book publishing company and a small consulting company. He earned his M.A. in American Studies from the University of Wyoming where he first began to study the American experiencence in earnest. 

You can contact the Radical Equity Fund for Reparations via




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